Circuit training is, at it's heart, a high intensity exercise programme.  It's time effective and provides a full body work out, working each muscle group for short periods of time.

Our circuit training sessions combine cardiovascular and resistance training exercises, meaning it is designed to tone and strengthen muscles, and build fitness and stamina at the same time.

If you are looking to lose weight, circuit training is perfect for you, particularly if you feel you've hit a plateau as it serves to increase your metabolism and break through that barrier.  Of course the added advantage is you can do it with your friends and include some friendly competition - or make some new friends!

The advantage of joining our sessions are that they will always be varied, fast-moving, and you can do as much or as little as you want.

Circuit training in the park

What is it?
A circuit training session which is specifically designed to burn fat, tone up and hep with fitness.
When and where?

10.30am every Sunday (unless notified).

Nonsuch Park: the London Road entrance opposite the Nonsuch Hotel.  It is the first enclosed space, where dogs aren't allowed.

Sessions will take place even if weather is bad, but please do check our Facebook page ( before you set out each week, just in case!

Please turn up 5 minutes before start time on your first session as there is a small form which we need you to complete before we train can you.

How long does it last and cost                        

1 hour

£5 per person


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