PersonaL Training

We offer a broad range of personalised packages.  Most are listed here, but if you are looking for something specific then please do get in touch at or on 07534 456287.  We pride ourselves on providing flexible programmes and payment plans that suit your needs.

At Lifeforce, we don't believe that your age or current level of fitness should stand in the way of you achieving your goals.  If you can bring the commitment, we will bring the tools, expertise and motivation to get you there.

You may want to lose weight, tone up or just become a bit fitter in order to keep up with children or grandchildren!  We'll help you set achievable goals, put together a programme to help you to reach them and be at your side providing encouragement all the way through.

For those of you that already have a good level of fitness and want to find new ways to challenge yourself and improve, or have a specific goal to hit in your chosen sport, we offer personalised strength and conditioning programmes alongside detailed, sports specific cardiovascular training to help you achieve.

​You don't need to join a gym if you don't want to, or buy the latest sports equipment.  If you choose to have one-on-one sessions we'll provide everything you need.  Equally, if you choose to take a virtual programme we'll put it together based on the time you have available and the equipment you have access to (even if it's baked beans tins rather than weights!).  All Personal Training packages come with detailed programme cards to guide you through recommended sessions when you are working alone.


Initial Consultation                         

What is it?:
Assessment of current fitness level, establish goals, agree way forward
How long does it last?:
30 minutes
What's the cost?:
One-on one training sessions and small group training                                                        
What is it?:
A progressive programme written specifically for you, and a trainer at your side working it through with you on a regular basis
How long does it last?:    
1 hour per session
What's the cost?:

1 session: £40

5 sessions: £190

10 sessions: £360

1 session per week - ongoing basis - £140 per ​month

2 sessions per week - ongoing basis - £270 per month

Small group (max 3 people) - £20 per person per session.

Virtual Training Plan    

What is it?                       

A progressive training programme written specifically for you, delivered to you virtually (via email or your chosen channel).  Clear images supplied around all exercises to ensure a clear understanding of what each exercise entails.

Can be mixed with one-on one sessions or followed on its own.

Ideal for people who would like a programme and encouragement from a qualified trainer but prefer to work on their own or need a fully flexible programme time-wise.

Works for people who have joined a gym and are worried they have not had a programme written or any update for some months and feel lost in the gym environment.

Also great for those who have a firm goal in mind but need some fresh ideas on how to achieve it, or those that are simply out of area.

The best way to get great personal training for those who are based overseas or frequent travellers.

How long does it last?                                                          
The sessions will be put together based on the time you tell the trainer you have available.
What's the cost?               Programme updated on a monthly basis - long term planned progression from day one: £30 per month

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