Many of us increasingly suffer from back pain or "twinges" when we move in a certain way. This may stem from not having the right posture and therefore putting more pressure on the wrong parts of our back.

Our "core" is the crossroads of our body - providing a link between the lower and upper body.  If this core isn't stable and providing the best support possible, we'll suffer from back pain, even when doing small things such as lifting shopping bags.  Our increasingly sedentary lifestyles do little to help as we tend to be seated in positions which constantly flex the spine.

Surprising to most people is that exercise can also have a negative effect on our posture - if we're not doing it correctly.  For example, if you're using weights in the gym incorrectly, you could be placing the wrong demands on your skeleton.

The good news is that by changing a few things at a time you can improve your posture and ease your back pain - particularly through a mixture of flexibility and strengthening exercises.  This can be supported by correct lifting techniques.

​We are also able to refer you to other health professionals, qualified in remedial care if that is required.


​Initial assessment 

What is it?

A physical and visual check of a number of key postural areas, discussion around any issues you may have and your current lifestyle.  This is paired with a basic assessment of how your posture could be improved and what changes in lifestyle may assist.
 How long does it last?  
45 minutes
What's the cost? 

£20 or 

Included for free in 1-1 training packages (minimum 2 sessions)


One-on-one flexibility traning

What is it?
A personalised flexibility and strength training programme based on the outcome of your postural assessment.
How long does it last?
1 hour per session
What's the cost?

1 session: £40

5 sessions:£190

10 sessions: £360

Weekly session (ongoing): £140 per month

Virtual flexibility training                  


What is it?            

A virtual, personalised flexibility training programme based on the outcome of your postural assessment.  The assessment is only available as a 1-1 but the programme can also be designed on the basis of lifestyle questionnaire.
How long does it last?
Updated programme per month, based on results provided by the participant (form based and interaction via email/phone/social media with trainer).
What's the cost?
£25 per month - to include monthly reassessment. 

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